Basic Editing

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How To Video: Click Here
The Panopto editor allows for web based editing from any Mac or Windows computer. Silverlight is required for editing. The Panopto Editor lets you create multiple versions, called "edits", of recorded sessions. The edit called default is created automatically, and contains the entire recording. You can modify default or create additional edits without affecting the original session content.
Log in and click the edit icon

By default, the entire recording is an already selected segment. **A segment is the selected portion of video that you want to keep**


To remove the beginning and end of a recording, grab the handle on either end of the time line and drag it inward to the point at which you want the recording to begin or end.


As you can see here, the beginning and ending are amended, and eliminated portions are grayed out.


To delete middle portions of your presentation, click once on the scissors icon and then once on the section of the presentation you’d like to remove.


The first click sets the starts point. Moving the mouse to the right will preview what is going to be cut. Click again to set the end point. **TIP - Try holding the ctrl key + left mouse click to save some time**


When completed, the segment can be adjusted by dragging the handles in either direction (if needed).


The final result is two segments (numbers one and two below) that will be included after encode.


Click "Save".


Then "Save and continue" or "Save and quit". Save and continue commits your changes and allows to keep working. Save and quit commits your changes and closes the editor.