Mac Recorder Configuration

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Basic Recording

1.  Locate the Panopto Recorder under Applications (If you'd like, drag the Panopto Recorder to the Dock for easy access) and run the app.

2.  Click Login


3.  Insert the appropriate credentials, then click Log In


4.  Click Create New Recording


5.  By default the Recorder is set to "None (Record Offline)."  You can record content offline and upload to the server at a later time.  If you would like to record directly to a folder on the Server, click on the up/down arrows to select a folder.  Or create a folder by clicking on the "+" sign.


To start recording please continue to Mac Basic Recording.

Additional Settings

1. In the menu bar, click on Panopto Recorder, Preferences


2.  These settings can be customized to your preference.

Upload recordings automatically: upon the completion of the recording the files will be uploaded to the server.

Capture high quality video:  this setting will adjust the quality of the recording you are making.

Max Screen Capture frame rate:  by adjusting the frame rate you can set the amount of Frames Per Second (FPS) that the screen capture function will capture your screen.

Recording Folder:  this setting allows you to set the folder where your session files will be stored.

Enable Recording Hotkeys:  this setting will allow you to use the hotkeys within the Mac Recorder.  (see link for hotkeys: