Recording Status

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After you have ended a recording with the Recorder you will be taken to the Recording Status screen. Here you will be able to free up room on your hard drive, find links to completed recordings, share recordings, launch the editor and see the progress of recordings that are not yet available for viewing.


Offline Recordings

These are sessions that have been recorded but not uploaded.  Clicking on Upload to Server will allow you to place the sessions into a folder.

Currently Uploading Recordings

This is where you can monitor your recordings as they are sent to the Panopto server to be processed.  Depending on the progress of your recording you may choose to Upload, Pause or Delete your recording here.  **Note: Clicking Delete here ONLY deletes from the local hard drive and not from the Panopto server.

Upload Progress

If your Recorder is configured to Automatically Upload Recordings and you have a recently finished recording, you will be able to monitor your recording as it uploads. The green bar on top will show the progress of your upload and the orange bar on bottom is to show that your file has been verified after uploading. If your file is uploading and you need to disconnect from a network or shut down your computer you can Pause your upload. If you do not want to send your recording to the server, you can also delete it.


If you do not have the recorder set to Automatically Upload Recordings every finished recording will be in a paused state by default. To begin the upload click on the Upload button. You may also choose to delete your recording by clicking on the Delete button.

Uploaded Recordings

Once a recording has been uploaded it will move to the Uploaded Recordings section at the bottom of the page. To help you identify different recordings you will be able to find information on the recording's folder and session name, the date and time it was recorded, how long the recording is, and the current status.


You can look here to find the name of the folder your recording belongs to.


This is the name of the recording in the folder.

Start Time

Start time helps you find recordings where you may have forgotten the name of the session, but remember the day and time that the recording was made.


You can look here to determine the length of your recording.


By clicking on the "Delete From Disk" button you remove the recording files from your recording directory. This can help you free up drive space or clear old information from your Recordings Status tab. Once a recording is deleted it will be removed from the Recording Status menu. It will not be removed from the server and will remain viewable.

Status / Link

Here you can see the progress of your recording.

  • View/Edit/Share - View begins to play the recording from the Panopto server.  Edit will launch the editor.  Share takes you to Panopto server's share interface (click here for more info).
  • Waiting for content - This usually means that the server is still waiting for additional content to be uploaded.  This can happen if recordings are done from multiple computers.  If all content has been uploaded and this message persists, please contact your Panopto administrator.
  • No primary stream - If a recording is completed with only screen capture or PowerPoint slides, this message will be displayed.  A recording must have at least one primary audio or video stream before it can process.