Sharing and Permissions

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In Panopto you have the ability to set folders and sessions to public and private. A public folder will list all of the public sessions to anyone who can browse to that folder. A public session is viewable by anyone who can access the URL for the session. A private folder and a private session is only viewable by users that have been given permission to that folder or session.

Share Page

The Share page can be accessed for a folder in two different ways:

1. Under the folders list on the left side of the web page, right click on the desired folder and select Share.
    2. The second way is in the folders list view. Hovering over the folder name will cause icons to appear to the right of the folder name. Click the Share icon.


The share page can be accessed for a session by hovering over a session name in the session list view. This will cause icons appear to the right of the session name. Click the Share icon.


The share page will appear and look like the image below.




Sharing a Folder or Session with a User from the Share Page

On the share page you can assign rights to individuals for the folder and/or session. For Private folders and sessions a user must be specified rights to be able to view sessions.

For folders you can grant users two types of rights:

Creators are users that have the ability to record content to the folder as well as grant other users rights.

Viewers are users that have the ability to view sessions that they are assigned rights for.

(For a full explanation of user rights, please see our F.A.Q. here)

For sessions you can add individuals with viewer rights, this allows them to watch the session even if it is private.

To add a user, type in the name or username of the desired user in the text box under Add People. As you type the name it will automatically search for the user, select the user once they are displayed. When adding to a folder you will notice that you have the ability to add the user as a Creator or Viewer by selecting the drop box to the right (highlighted below).

You also have the ability to add users from Active Directory or any LMS that your Panopto site is integrated with. Simply type in the username and select it from the drop-down menu when displayed.


By default an email notification will be sent to the users added. To not send an email, uncheck the Send Email Notification box. You can also add a message to the email by clicking the Add message link.
To complete the sharing process, click the Share button.




Sharing with Users that do not have an Existing Account

You also have the ability to share a session with users that do not have an existing account in Panopto. To do so, type in an email address of a person you'd like to share a session with. Select "Invite to access" from the drop down. **Note: This sends the user a URL with a token appended to it, not a unique username/password**


Click the Share button and the user will be sent an email with a special link that will allow them to view the session. Please note that this does not create an account for the user.



To see how to grant user permissions directly on the users profile, see our documentation here.
To see documentation on groups, see our documentation here.