Offline Viewing / Downloading

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*Note: The offline viewer is no longer an available feature of our product from version 4.5.2 onwards.  

Offline Viewing for older versions is not a feature with SmoothStreaming enabled. To disable SmoothStreaming please contact Panopto Support.

In Panopto Focus 4.0, you may download recordings into an offline format.  The offline recording may then be put on a CD or DVD or shared somewhere on your network for users to download.  This feature is helpful for users who may not have Internet access or have slower (dial up) access and need viewing access to recordings.

The process for downloading lectures is very simple and only available for Admins, Videographers, and Creators.  Users with viewer accounts do not have the ability to download lectures.

1. Go to http://yourpanoptoserver/Panopto/Pages/Default.aspx# and insert your username and password.  Click "Log In" (If Active Directory is enabled, please choose the appropriate domain, from the "Log In Using" drop down box). You will be automatically redirected to the Sessions page.

2. Navigate to the folder that your session is located in. Once you are in the folder you will see all recorded sessions. Move your mouse over any item in the list of sessions. Icons will appear to the right. Click the "Settings" icon (the icon that looks like SettingsIcon). The Settings window will appear.

3. At the top of the Settings window, click the tab labeled "Outputs".

4. Now you can download the session in a variety of ways described below.


Ways to View

1. Panopto Viewer

From this view you can download the offline viewer which downloads a zip folder containing your media.

2. Video Podcast

You can also download a video podcast by clicking the view or download links. To change the way the podcast is displayed simply pull down the drag down menu under Video Podcast, choose the desired format and click change.

3. Audio Podcast

You can download the mp3 audio only version of your recording by clicking the "Download MP3 link". You can also play the mp3 track only by clicking the "Play MP3 audio" link.

4. Subscribe

You can subscribe to folders in iTunes to allow playback on mp3 devices and in iTunes itself. Panopto also allows you to subscribe to the folder using RSS feed.

5. Embed

Copy and paste the embed tag to allow playback on any webpage you embed the video to.