Changing Web Configuration Settings

How to change Panopto web configuration settings as an administrator. 

1 minute 25 seconds

Create New Users

How to create new user accounts (includes how to batch create).

3 minutes 8 seconds

Batch Create Users

How to batch create users

1 minute 21 seconds

Manually Reset Passwords

How to manually reset a user's password.

1 minute 18 seconds

Setting User Presets

1 minute 20 seconds


Basic Editing Overview

How to trim beginning/end/middle out of recordings

2 minutes 14 seconds

Advanced Editing: Splicing

How to trim beginning/end/middle out of recordings

1 minutes 59 seconds

Advanced Editor Features

Everything else that the Panopto editor can do.

10 minutes 55 seconds

Editing User Information (Bio, Password)

How to change user information (email, bio, password)

2 minutes 10 seconds


Blackboard Building Block Overview

Installation, configuration and use of the Blackboard building block with Panopto. 

7 minutes 37 seconds

Moodle Block Overview

Installation, configuration, and use of the Moodle block with Panopto.

7 minutes 57 seconds


Basic Recording

Learn how to use the Panopto Windows Recorder in less than three minutes

2 minutes 23 seconds

Complete Recorder Overview

 Everything you ever wanted to know about the Panopto Windows Recorder.

20 minutes 5 seconds

How to Record from Two Computers

How to record slides + screencapture from one computer (Windows or Mac) and audio/video from another computer (Windows or Mac).

2 minutes 40 seconds

Mac Recording Overview

 General overview of the Mac recorder.

5 minutes 59 seconds

Starting a Live Broadcast

How to start a live broadcast. 

3 minutes 50 seconds

How to Adjust Microphone Audio Levels

How to change the audio levels on Windows 7.

53 seconds

Overview of Scheduling

How to schedule recordings in Panopto (using the web interface and Remote Recorder).

5 minutes 26 seconds

How to Generate a Broadcast URL in Advance

How to create a broadcast URL in advance using the Panopto web interface. 

1 minutes 12 seconds

Two Computer Scheduled Recording

How to schedule recordings across two different computers.

3 minutes and 28 seconds


Import Overview

How to upload pre-existing video files and PowerPoint presentations. 

4 minutes 39 seconds

Video Content Management System (VCMS)

Moving Sessions to Another Folder

How to move a session into a different Folder.

1 minute 7 seconds

Making a Copy of a Session

How to make copies of sessions.

1 minute 11 seconds

How to Merge Two Sessions

How to merge two sessions together.

1 minute 36 seconds

Download Sessions

How to download a single or multiple sessions into an offline format.

2 minutes 27 seconds

Create a New Folder

How to create a new folder.

1 minute 27 seconds


How to create subfolders.

1 minute 27 seconds

Archive Sessions

How to archive sessions. 

2 minutes 29 seconds

Setting Permissions on Folders and Sessions

How to control which users have access to your Folders and Sessions

3 minutes 43 seconds

Viewing Analytics / Statistics

How to view statistics in the Panopto web interface. 

1 minute 4 seconds


Overview of the Panopto Viewer

General overview of the Panopto viewer

8 minutes 22 seconds

Taking Notes While Viewing

How to take notes while viewing.

3 minutes 6 seconds