Batch Create Users

How to batch create users

1 minute 21 seconds

Changing Web Configuration Settings

How to change Panopto web configuration settings as an administrator. 

1 minute 25 seconds

Create New Users

How to create new user accounts (includes how to batch create).

3 minutes 8 seconds

Manually Reset Passwords

How to manually reset a user's password.

1 minute 18 seconds

Setting User Presets

1 minute 20 seconds


Advanced Editing: Splicing

How to trim beginning/end/middle out of recordings

1 minutes 59 seconds

Advanced Editor Features

Everything else that the Panopto editor can do.

10 minutes 55 seconds

Basic Editing Overview

How to trim beginning/end/middle out of recordings

2 minutes 14 seconds

Editing User Information (Bio, Password)

How to change user information (email, bio, password)

2 minutes 10 seconds


Blackboard Building Block Overview

Installation, configuration and use of the Blackboard building block with Panopto. 

7 minutes 37 seconds

Moodle Block Overview

Installation, configuration, and use of the Moodle block with Panopto.

7 minutes 57 seconds


Basic Recording

Learn how to use the Panopto Windows Recorder in less than four minutes

3 minutes 53 seconds

Complete Recorder Overview

 Everything you ever wanted to know about the Panopto Windows Recorder.

20 minutes 5 seconds

How to Adjust Microphone Audio Levels

How to change the audio levels on Windows 7.

53 seconds

How to Generate a Broadcast URL in Advance

How to create a broadcast URL in advance using the Panopto web interface. 

1 minutes 12 seconds

How to Record from Two Computers

How to record slides + screencapture from one computer (Windows or Mac) and audio/video from another computer (Windows or Mac).

2 minutes 40 seconds

Mac Recording Overview

 General overview of the Mac recorder.

5 minutes 59 seconds

Overview of Scheduling

How to schedule recordings in Panopto (using the web interface and Remote Recorder).

5 minutes 26 seconds

Starting a Live Broadcast

How to start a live broadcast. 

3 minutes 50 seconds

Two Computer Scheduled Recording

How to schedule recordings across two different computers.

3 minutes and 28 seconds


Import Overview

How to upload pre-existing video files and PowerPoint presentations. 

4 minutes 39 seconds

Uploading from Android

How to upload a video from an android device to Panopto.

1 minute 17 seconds

Video Content Management System (VCMS)

Archive Sessions

How to archive sessions. 

2 minutes 29 seconds

Creating Folders and Subfolders

How to create a new folder or subfolder under an existing folder.

1 minute 40 seconds

Downloading Podcasts and Subscribing to RSS feeds (Creators and Admins)

How to download sessions as mp4s and subscribe to feeds as a creator or administrator.

1 minute 13 seconds

Downloading Podcasts and Subscribing to RSS feeds (Viewers)

How to download sessions as mp4s and subscribe to feeds as a viewer.

1 minute 5 seconds

How to Merge Two Sessions

How to merge two sessions together.

1 minute 36 seconds

Making a Copy of a Session

How to make a copy of a session.

1 minute 23 seconds

Moving Sessions to Another Folder

How to move a session into a different Folder.

1 minute 7 seconds

Ordered Playlists

How to create an ordered playlist of videos in a folder.

1 minute 20 seconds

Setting Permissions on Folders and Sessions

How to change viewing permissions on folders and videos to share with other people or groups.

3 minutes 51 seconds


How to create subfolders.

1 minute 27 seconds

Viewing Analytics / Statistics

How to view statistics in the Panopto web interface. 

5 minutes 41 seconds


Overview of the Panopto web viewer

Includes controls, layout, navigating through the session, search, and notes.

8 minutes 29 seconds

Taking Notes While Viewing

How to take notes while viewing.

3 minutes 6 seconds