ASR Generated Captions


Panopto has added the ability to add ASR generated captions to your Panopto sessions. Note that machine-generated captions clearly aren’t the same quality as human transcription so this is really just a way to generate captions that would be a starting point, meaning they would need to be revised and edited to ensure they are 100% accurate, once generated.  This support article will outline this process for you, so you can successfully edit these automatically generated captions to your liking.

Getting started:

First of all, you will need to find and open the session that you wish to manage the captions for.
Note the "Import captions" drop-down, this is where you will begin.  Click once on this drop-down and then reference the next screenshots below.

This is what the drop-down will look like if no captions currently exist for this session:

If this is the case, you would first want to import or upload the machine generated captions.  Then, once they complete processing, the menu will look like the next screenshot below (captions currently do exist): 

This is what the drop-down will look like if captions currently do exist for this session:

Don't see the "Import automatic captions" option?

The "Import automatic captions" option is available when a session has been processed for machine-generated captions. Sessions recorded after 12/17/2016 will be automatically processed for machine-generated captions.

If the session was recorded before that date, you can process an existing session for machine-generated captions. You need administrator privileges to access this option. To do so:
  1. Go to Session Settings
  2. Go to the Search tab
  3. Under Smart Search, click the Reprocess button for Speech.
  4. Machine-generated captions will be generated in a few minutes and the option for "Import automatic captions" will be available in the editor.

User-added image

Editing the captions:

If your captions do exist and have been processed successfully, you will then be able to edit each individual caption as seen below, by clicking the Edit (Pencil) icon next to the caption:

You can also completely delete the caption by clicking the trash can icon next to the caption in question.

Tip:  At any time while making these edits, you can press Shift+Space to play/pause the session playback, while editing captions.