Brightspace (D2L) Course Copy

As of version, when you copy a course in D2L, Panopto will automatically grant students in the new course with access to the copied videos.  No configuration is required on Panopto, this functionality is automatic.  Please note that the embedded sessions in the source course must have been embedded using the Panopto Embed Tool and must have been embedded after 9/20/2016.

Here's how it works:

Post course copy, any enrolled student in the new course will automatically be granted access to any embedded videos.  This does not copy the sessions from the source course folder to the destination course folder, it just adds an additional share group to the source course content to give the users enrolled in the destination course access to the content.

User-added image

Note: When you copy all of the components within a source course, no additional steps are required. If however you copy only a subset of course components, please make sure to include "External Learning Tool Links" as Panopto uses those links to share the embedded videos with the newly copied course.