Embedding Panopto podcasts into your Drupal Site

Grab the iframe HTML code from your Panopto video.

1. Navigate to the Panopto video that you will embed into your Drupal page, and open the video's "Settings" interface:
Accessing the Video's settings in Panopto

2. Within the Settings interface, click the Outputs tab on the left

3. Copy the embed code, and paste into a text editor such as Notepad, or NotePad++

You can grab the embed HTML code from here.

You'll notice that the embed code is wrapped in iframe tags; however, we utilize the word "Embed" to tell Panopto which version of the video to display within this iframe.

Modify the iframe to utilize the direct URL of the podcast

The "View Podcast" link within the Outputs tab of the settings interface is the direct URL to the .mp4 file of the session Podcast.

1. Right click this link, and select "Copy Link Location" (Firefox), "Copy shortcut" (IE) or "Copy Link address" (Chrome)
Here is where you can grab the .mp4 file's direct URL

2. Within your text editor modify the src="" parameter to point to the direct URL of the podcast you are embedding.

This is what the stock Embed URL looks like
This is the embed code after the URL is modified.

Wrapping up

Copy and paste your updated iframe code into your Drupal page and save.