Publish a Panopto folder's RSS feed in the iTunes podcast app

Step 1: Choosing a folder

You will want to choose a folder that you can set the permissions to either "Public on the Web", or "Anyone with the link". This folder will serve as the host folder for all of the content that will show in the iOS Podcast app.

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Step 2: Get your Panopto RSS feed URL

In the top-right corner of your Panopto web interface, click the RSS icon and choose "Subscribe to RSS"

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This will open a new page, which will look differently depending on what browser you're using at the time. The browser doesn't matter, as all we need to do is copy the URL of the RSS feed. The
URL would look like something like


Step 3: Create a feed that the iOS Podcast system will accept

In our example, we're going to use Go to the site and sign in with Google credentials. Once logged in, locate the following:

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Paste in the RSS Feed URL that you obtained in the previous step, and select the box for "I am a podcaster!"

Enter in a Feed Title, and update the Feed Address if needed. Note the full URL, this is the URL that you'll use in the next step!

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Click Next on the following screen, which again has a confirmation of your URL

On the following screen, you'll be setting up the feed information.

- Choose a Category (and sub-categories if you'd like)
- Provide the URL of the image (must be between 1400x1400 & 3000x3000 in PNG or JPG for Apple to accept)
- Enter in the remaining information such as Podcast subtitle, summary, and search keywords
- Select whether or not your podcasts will contain explicit content
- Click Next

The next screen allows you to choose more options, in our test case we just went with the defaults. Click Next, and your feed is ready to pump into the iOS Podcast app.

Step 4: Submit your feed to iTunes Connect

Go to, sign in with your Apple ID

- Click the "+" sign to add a new feed
- Enter the URL for your feed. In our test case it was
- Click "Validate"

Apple may take up to two weeks or more to approve the feed. In our test case it was approved within 24-hours.