Replace Slides in the Advanced Editor

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In this documentation, you will learn the steps for replacing slides in your session timeline using the advanced editor.

  • Creator access to Panopto

1. Replacing Slides with the Advanced Editor

1.1.  Open the session in Advanced Editor (Internet Explorer is used for this example).

1.2.  Click on the Slides tab (See Figure 1).

User-added image
Figure 1

1.3.  Click on Add a presentation in the bottom left-hand corner (Figure 2).

User-added image
Figure 2

1.4.  In the Add a video or presentation tab, select Secondary (no audio) and click on Browse. Choose the new slide and click OK.

1.5.  The new slide will appear under the slides tab but will not be added yet in the timetable. Notice that next to the slide there is no time indicated like there is for the other present slides (Figure 3).

User-added image
Figure 3

1.6.  Identify the slide you want to replace, hover over the title and click Delete (Figure 4).

User-added image
Figure 4

1.7.  Click OK in the next pop-up message (Figure 5).

User-added image
Figure 5

1.8.  Go back to the slide you just added and hover over the title. Click on Add (Figure 6).

User-added image
Figure 6

1.9.  The PowerPoint presentation stream will turn green in the timeline and a line will indicate where you want to add the new slide. Click anywhere in the timeline because the time of the slide can be amended just after adding (Figure 7).

User-added image
Figure 7

1.10.  Adjust the time in the next pop-up window if needed (using arrows < & >) and click OK (Figure 8).

User-added image
Figure 8

1.11. Now the time will be displayed for the new slide (Figure 9).

User-added image
Figure 9

1.12. Click Save and close the window (Figure 10).

User-added image
Figure 10

1.13.  Allow some time for the session to re-process.

1.14.  Once re-processed, the session will be available in the Viewer.