Accessibility Features

Panopto offers accessibility features that allows users to easily navigate and read the Panopto web interface. The web interface supports screen readers for all available creator and viewer interfaces. The web interface also support keyboard access, allowing you to use the tab key to access all available functions. All sessions fully support adding and displaying captions. 

Screen Reader Support

Here are the screen readers that we regularly test with.
- VoiceOver for Mac

Keyboard Access

All of the functionalities and links in the web interface are accessible by using the tab key. The tab key will move from function to function and you can hit enter to use that function. 

User-added image


Viewer Captions

The Panopto viewer will display captions for the session when available. The caption will show in two places. The first is under the primary video in the Captions tab. The caption that is currently being spoken will be highlighted in grey as shown below.

User-added image

The second is either overlaid on the secondary video or docked directly under it as shown by the below examples.  

User-added image

User-added image

Shortcut Keys

The new viewer allows you to use shortcut keys to control the player!

Spacebar - Pause/Play the session

Left/Right arrow keys - skip 5 seconds backwards or forwards

Up/Down arrow keys - adjust volume up or down

The M key - mutes and unmutes the recording

Embedded Player Captions

When captions are available for a session they will also be displayed on the embedded video player. When you embed a video with captions, the captions will overlay the video as shown below. You can see how to embed videos here