Panopto 60 Frames Per Second (fps)

As part of the 4.8 release, we're excited to announce that Panopto is the first enterprise video platform to support 60fps video delivery. This means that high frame rate video sources, including camcorders, document cameras, and other HDMI devices, can now be recorded and live webcast in Panopto at up to 60 frames per second. It also means that pre-recorded 60fps videos—say, from an iPhone 6—can be uploaded into Panopto's video content management system and streamed on demand at their original high frame rate.

Some specifics:

-On Windows, 60fps is only supported for the primary stream (not secondary inputs such as screencapture and document cameras)

-For the Windows clients, it will automatically capture at 60fps if the camera hardware supports it

-Supported via media import

-Supported if 60 fps recording from iPhone

Read more about this on our blog 

We think the best way to experience this new feature is to watch a 30 fps video side by side with a 60 fps one. Enjoy!

60 fps example:

User-added image

30 fps example:

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To enable 60 fps

Go to System - Settings - Set all of the below to 60 and hit save

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