Taking Notes

How to Take Notes

Log in to your Panopto web interface and select the session in which you will be taking notes.

This will open the session in the Panopto viewer.

Depending on the streams being captured the notes field will be on the left of the screen or under the primary video window.

This is an example of a single video source recording. Note that a link to the notes is on the left hand side.

Click on the "Notes" link shown bellow. This expands the notes area to the right.

User-added image

To start entering notes click in the field outlined below and start typing.

User-added image

The second you begin to type is the second that will be time stamped in the viewer.

When you hit ENTER/RETURN the note will be submitted to the field above where you are typing.

To edit or delete a submitted note click on the note you wish to change and either click edit or delete. (Shown Below)

Editing the note will bring the submitted note back into the initial field and allow you to change the submitted note. 

Editing a note will not change the initially time stamp of the note.

Deleting the note will remove it entirely from all fields.  Be aware that hitting delete once will remove the note.

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Private Notes

By default, notes under your username will be private notes.  This means no one else can see your notes.

To verify your notes are private, you will see a link that says make public. (Shown in the red box below)

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Public Notes

To make your notes public, simply click on the link make public (Shown Above). 

The link will change to say make private. To make your notes private, simply click on the link a second time.

Notes taken with the link shown as make private will become public when the link is clicked for make public.

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In Panopto we allow users to take notes in channels.  This is useful if you want to collaborate your notes with a group.

Anyone with the channel name can add or view notes under that name.

To select or create a channel click on the drop down menu shown below.

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Click on the "Enter a channel..." option and type the name of the channel you wish.

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Share the channel name with anyone you wish to share notes with and start collaborating!

Live Notes

With Panopto you can take notes while the session is being recorded!

To do this go into your Panopto WebUI and find the session that is currently being recorded.

Highlight the session that you wish to take notes for and the Takes Notes option will appear below the session name.

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A new window will pop up where you can begin to take notes.  

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All notes you take will be time stamped and aligned with the recorded session for later use.