Watch Folder

Panopto Watch Folder Service

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The Panopto Watch Folder Service uses Panopto RESTful API and C# to automatically upload your video files to your Panopto server. This service watches a designated folder on your machine and uploads all supported files within. This service uploads files using credentials stored in config file for its installer


Installation Instructions

Download and run the watchfoldersetup.exe from above to install the service

After installation, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Panopto\PanoptoWatchFolderService if you are on a 64-bit machine or C:\Program Files\Panopto\PanoptoWatchFolderService for 32-bit machine

Open WatchFolderService.exe.config to setup the service's configuration

Here is an explanation of each field:

ServerURL of server uploading to
InfoFilePathpath to the file to keep sync information, program will create a file at the path if the file does not exist
WatchFolderURL of folder to watch by the service
UserIDuser name to log into the server
UserKeypassword to log into the server
FolderIDfolder ID of the folder to upload to on the server
Verboseset to true to enable debug event log messages to appear in event log, false to only report important messages
PartSizeamount of data to upload in each upload request
ElapseTimetime (in seconds) interval between two calls by the service to check and sync the folder
FileWaitTimeamount of time (in seconds) to wait since last time the LastWriteTime of a file has changed before uploading it (to ensure the file a complete file)
UploadExtensionsextension types of files to be uploaded, any file that has extension type not mentioned or no extension will not be uploaded



After setting the configuration to desired values, run services.msc and find Panopto Watch Folder Service in the services list and start it (Since the service is not started when it is just installed, but it will start automatically the next time the system is booted)

Configuration can be changed at anytime but will only take effect when the service is restarted. Run services.msc and find Panopto Watch Folder Service in services list and press restart to restart the service (or start if the service is stopped)